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KEITECH Swing Impact 4.5 #102 Watermelon PP

  • Brand: Keitech
  • Product Code: KEI-SI4.5-102
  • Availability: Available
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25.00 zł


The Keitech Swing Impact is a proven Tournament winner!

These versatile swimbaits come in six sizes to match any fishing conditions. Keitech's original two-tone color injection process uses different types of salted plastics to achieve better balance and action. The Swing Impact arguably has the finest swimming action of any comparable swimbait in existence. The Superior design incorporates a fish attracting wobble and a tight swimming action that drive predators wild. 

The Swing Impact is truly versatile and can be rigged and fished multiple ways. The Jig Head Rig is most popular. Fish it on the straight retrieve or drag it slowly on the bottom. Adjust your weight and retrieve speed to target almost any depth. This keeps you in the Strike Zone and allows you to fish a moving bait on deep spots which Crankbaits can't reach.

The 4.5 Swing Impact gives the angler a much larger and wider option. Upsize when the bite is on and fish are in an aggressive mood. 

The Swing Impact’s tail is designed to swim at the slowest speeds.

The Dual Injection Process creates outstanding color variations and a natural swimming motion.

The ribbed body has a perfectly centered hook slit to ensure correct rigging.

Recommended Hook Sizes:

4.5" - #3/0


Soft baits
Length 114mm
Number of pieces in pack 6

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