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KEITECH Swing Impact FAT 7.8 LT#60 LT Blue X Chart

  • Brand: Keitech
  • Product Code: KEI-SIF7.8-LT60
  • Availability: Available
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43.00 zł


The Keitech FAT Swing Impact redefines swimbait performance. Keitech's revolutionary two-tone injection process uses several different types of salted plastics to achieve perfect balance & action. The most impressive feature of these great swimbaits is the ability to maintain a perfect swimming motion at any retrieve speed. The tapered design ringed body distorts the shape to a more natural appearance. The center rigging line provides the perfect position to ensure the bait is rigged correctly. The Fat Swing Impacts are packaged in blister packs to help protect the integrity of the baits. Available in 5 different sizes & the latest colors.

The 7.8” Keitech Fat Swing Impact has 2 baits per blister pack.

This New editions to the Fat Swing is the Gran-Daddy of swimbaits. Weighing in at over 1.9 oz. of Salt & Squid infused plastic. This giant size swimbait still maintains the Perfect Keitech swimming action.

Recommended Hook Size:

7.8" - 10/0 or 12/0

The tapered design ribbed body distorts the shape to a more natural appearance.

The ribbed body design provides protection for the hook point and ensures solid hook ups.

The two small circles next to the hook slot mark the preferred location for the addition of insert weights. This will allow you to fish deeper when Texas rigging.

The center line is the exact middle of the bait. Use this for reference when rigging the bait. This will ensure the Fat Swing Impact runs true.

Rigging options:

No Sinker Texas Rig. Use a Slow & Steady retrieve just under the surface. We recommend the #1 off-set worm hook with the 2.8”, #2/0 with 3.8”, #4/0 with 4.8” and the #6/0 with 5.8”.

"Chikubi" Rig. Nails weights are inserted into the circles on the bottom of the bait. This allows the Fat Swing Impact to swim deeper we recommend the 1/32 nail sinker with the 3.8”, 1/16 with 4.8” and 1/16-3/32 with 5.8”.

Texas rig. The Fat Swing Impacts are Super-effective Flipping baits we recommend: 1/4oz sinker with the 3.8”, 1/8-3/8oz with 4.8” & 5.8”.

Jig Head 1Rig. The Fat Swing Impact fished on a Tungsten Super Round Jig head is top money winning rig. We recommend the 1/0 Tungsten Super Round for the 2.8”, the 2/0 for the 3.8” and the 3/0 for the 4.8”. Adjust your depth with weight choices of 1/16 to 1/4oz.

Jig Trailer. The 2.8” is recommended for the Tungsten Model II Football Jig. The 3.8” is recommended for the Tungsten Model I Casting jig. The Model III Swim Jig was designed specifically for the 4.8”.

All the Swing Impacts are extremely effective on the Alabama rig. Try using various sizes to imitate bass chasing bait.


Soft baits
Length 198mm
Number of pieces in pack 2

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