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SV Flash Line FL30 C02

  • Brand: SV Fishing
  • Product Code: SV-FL30-C02
  • Availability: Available
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13.30 zł


Flash Line is a extremely narrow which makes it perfect at imitating small fish. The narrow, elliptical shape is very aerodynamic which allows the angler to cast further and more accurately in almost any weather conditions, delivering the lure to those hard-to-get spots where the fish is waiting. It is versatile and accurately replicates the action of small fish at any reel-in speed. It is great in still water, and every bit as great in a current. These qualities make it a great choice when fishing for asp.

The ultralight versions of Flash Line will allow you to successfully fish for species such as perch, chub, small pike and any other similar fish. The heavier, light version is more suited for bottom dweller species such as pikeperch or catfish. Flash Line is suited for twitching, jigging and uniform animation. It’s unique geometry allows it to wiggle when sinking, this is especially useful when jigging: most of the time the fish takes Flash Line on the pause, when it is sinking. This quality also makes it effective for rock-fishing and all types of vertical fishing including ice-fishing.


length: 30 mm

weight: 1,3 g

hook: single Vanfook SP-31BL # 10

Flash Line in motion:


Weight 1.3g
Length 30mm

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