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Moab 120F

Moab 120F

MOAB 120F - Mother Of All Baits

Breaking previous conceptual boundaries, the MOAB was created in search for a productive lure for all species: Seabass, Flounder, Flat-Head, Trout, Largemouth Bass, etc. It captivates minnow eaters in various environments. The slim, floating 120F is a model which covers the surf, rivers, lakes and rocks.

Swim Balance

A magnet secures the main moving weight, giving a consistent swimming action. This swim balance is suited for not only strong rip currents but also fast flowing river currents that home to Trout.

Action Characteristics

Its action comprises of a tight Wobble & Rolling action, with emphasis on Rolling. The lure is designed to catch the water positively, giving a slightly deeper swimming range and creating a definite feel for the angler while transmitting important information about the current.

Circuit Board Lip

Using circuit board material for the lip has dramatically increased its strength. With a lip that is much less likely to break, the angler can pursue a much more aggressive approach.



length: 120 mm

weight: 13 g

floating (F)

depth: 0,6 - 1 m

hook: #6

DUO MOAB 120F in motion:

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