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Tetra Works Perakko 48F

Tetra Works Perakko 48F

Tetra Works Perakko 48F - pulsating effect to attract the target.

The rotating propeller positioned in the front and rear of the sinking propeller bait Perakko, creates a micro pulsating effect, attracting the target. The carefully tuned angle and size of the propeller smoothly rotates creating a micro pulsation which cannot be replicated with the action of the body. The body itself has a straight action. It is equipped with the ability to get the target to bite when they don’t with other lure actions. It is probably one of the easiest lures to use, simply cast and retrieve. As it is a sinking type lure, one can let it sink by counting down or have a different tracing range by changing the retrieval speed.


Tetra Works Perakko 48F

length: 48 mm

depth: 0,1 - 0,5 m

hook: #12

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